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50 Jr Feesvieringe / 50th Yr Celebrations

Posted by chrisbester on November 12, 2007

Toys for Big Boys

6 October 2007



Celebration Time! / Groot Feesviering! 

Friday 19 October was a day filled with fun, games and celebrations for all the children of North School!  
The day started with a special assembly for staff and learners. Mr Bester gave an account of the school’s establishment and of the many hi lights which have occurred over the past 50 years. 
The children were carefully arranged into a large 50 on the rugby field and at exactly 10am aerial photographs were taken from an aeroplane high above the school grounds. 
The Parent’s Association generously provided each child with fun activities and a surprise package filled with sweets, chips and a cool drink. A large cake was made up of the hundreds of cup cakes donated by parents. Each child enjoyed the sweet treat. 
Then the real fun began! The children (and some of the teachers too!) went out to play on the large inflatable jumping, sliding and bouncing equipment which had been erected on the rugby field. 

Congratulations North School! Congratulations!



Beheerliggaam Ontbyt / Governing Body Breakfast

3 November 2007





Reunie / Reunion

3 November 2007


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