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Posted by chrisbester on August 22, 2008


North School Owls

A pair of owls have made themselves at home on the grounds of the school. To the enormous excitement of both staff and learners – we soon realised that the happy couple had laid eggs and were raising three healthy owlets. They have grown and developed from day to day. The children have followed their progress with great interest. How privileged we are to have this real life – hands on – learning experience for the children!


North School Birding and Environment Group


The birding group has increased its membership from 5 to 16 this year.

Although all the new-comers are inexperienced, each of them is keen to learn more about the birds in our environment.

A bird-identification lesson just in and around the school grounds proved to all the children how vital it was to keep our grounds free of litter.

We are very privileged and excited to have two species of owls nesting in the school buildings. Not only has the birding group learnt more about owls and the Spotted Eagle owl in particular, but the whole school has watched the development of our very special owlets. A renowned bird ringer was able to ring two of the owlets.

Inexperienced as they are, the children competed in the Sasol Birding competition, which was an excellent learning opportunity.


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